What the Church Can Learn From A Rowing Team

Last week we had our second "FGC Talks" seminar. This means that after a brief worship service we had 3 brief sessions on the topic of community offered by 3 people in our church and one from outside.  It was really fantastic.

Rob Hastie showed part of this video, posted below, (He showed from 1:00- 2:20 but the whole thing is worth watching). It is a trailer for the the book "the Boys in The Boat"- a story about the American rowing team that won the gold medal in the 1936 olympics. Rob uses the analogy of teamwork and how a successful rowing team has to operate with so much coordination and unity that they are really not 9 separate individuals. They are 1 team. This is a fantastic illustration for the way the church should be functioning.

Rob's talk is 20 minutes and worth listening to. It is an inspiring talk that will challenge you. You can listen to it below. The rest of our talks from that day can be found here.