What To Do About Planned Parenthood

Here is an email I sent to our Church:

Church Friends and Family,

Another Planned Parenthood video was released today. It is linked right here, and embedded below. If you have been following them, you know that the revelations to our collective conscience are more and more disturbing. So the great question is, "what can I do?"  In addition to your personal prayers, acts of love for men and women affected by abortion, and donations to quality pro-life organizations like this one, I would like to let you know about several more opportunities.

Here are a few things in the near future that you can do to stand for the lives of the unborn.  Feel free to share this info with friends.

  • Join the peaceful/prayerful protest Saturday morning 8/22 at the Planned Parenthood building in Fresno. This is part of a national event where Christians and prolife advocates around the country (and world) will be gathering to stand for life.  It is taking place on 8/22/15 from 9am-11am. Our local event is organized by our friends at Right To Life.  You can get more info or RSVP at the Facebook page here.
  • Join us for a community prayer meeting on 8/30 at Free Grace Church from 7pm-8pm. You can find more info on the Facebook event page
  • Get Equipped on how to think and speak the truth
    • At Free Grace Church on October 4th, our own Josh Brahm will be offering a seminar on the most undervalued pro-life argument. Josh has devoted his life to helping pro-life people think clearly, and engage with prochoice people in wisdom and compassion. We will have the training following worship from 12pm-2pm and lunch will be included. RSVP by email or here on Facebook.
    • Our local Right to life is hosting a training event: "Abortion from Debate to Dialogue" with 2 different dates available. 8/27 and 8/29. for more info or to RSVP Call (559) 229-2229 or Visit www.RightToLifeCA.org/JFA This event includes class time and also time on campus doing pro-life outreach.

Laboring with and for you,
Pastor Matt

Here is the most recent video. It is disturbing, as we would expect any faithful depiction of abortion to be: