Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to glorify God in the fulfillment of the Great Commission in the Fresno area.

This characterizes everything we attempt to do, and is reflected in our core values. Because The mission of God is bigger then any of us, we seek to leave a legacy for future generations. With this in mind our Vision is to establish a mission-minded church that is self-supporting, self-governing and self-duplicating, and that will help to plant more churches that will plant churches. Our desire is to see people meet Jesus for the first time, and help people who are saved know God more deeply and follow Him exclusively.


Our Core Values

• A Passion for Christ--Jesus Christ and Him crucified is the beginning, middle, and end of the church.

• The Sufficiency and Authority of the Bible--the Bible is the word of God and it’s teaching brings life; the church is built on the preaching of sound doctrine from the Bible.

• Salvation and Sanctification by the Grace of the Gospel--the same grace that saves us, transforms our lives.

• Beauty--the church must worship God through the music of its own culture; this music must be true and beautiful.

• Speaking the Language of our Culture--We desire to wisely serve our generation for Christ.

• Emphasis on Missions--one of the main purposes of the church is to reach the world with the gospel.

• The Local Church is Central to God’s Plan--God saves us to worship and serve in the church. Because of this, churches need to reproduce themselves.

• Masculine Leadership--God has called both men and women to serve, but has uniquely called men to lead in the church.

• Works of Love and Obedience--Faith without works is dead; we must respond to the gospel. The church is called to manifest the gospel through works of charity, obedience, and compassion.

• Church Cooperation--churches must work together to reach the world for Christ.

• The Glory of Racial Diversity and Unity in Christ--the church on earth should be a picture of the church in heaven where people from different groups live and worship together in joy.