Free Grace Church relies on the generosity of church members and other believers for financial support. All donations go to support FGC's mission of advancing the Gospel. You can support FGC through prayer and monetary donations.

Free Grace Church is a nonprofit organization in the state of California and all contributions are tax deductible.

There are several ways you can donate money to FGC:

  • Donate cash or checks in the giving box before or after a worship service at FGC (located at the back of the sanctuary).

  • Donate with a debit or credit card through the PayPal iPad station before or after a worship service at FGC (located next to the giving box in the back of the sanctuary).

  • Mail a check to our P.O. Box:

Free Grace Church
373 E. Shaw Ave. #354
Fresno, CA 93710

  • Donate online using an ACH banking transfer. This allows you to enter your checking account information to set up one time or recurring transfer in the amount and on the dates you want. This is convenient, secure and saves the church LOTs of money in fees.


  • Donate online through PayPal using the links below:

    • Make a one-time PayPal donation at this link.

    • Set up a recurring monthly PayPal donation by checking the "Make This Recurring" box at this link.

    • View more PayPal donation options below.

We encourage you to consider setting up recurring payments online. This helps us with budgeting and paying the bills, and is a way to help you making giving a priority by making it automatic! 

For a one-time PayPal Donation...

Click the link below:

To set up a recurring donation...

Select the appropriate amount from the pull down menu and then click the subscribe button. 

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