A Great App for Bible Memorization: Fighter Verses

Fighter_Verses__memorize_Bible_on_the_App Store.jpg

As we enter the new year it is great to renew our commitment to God’s word. Last week we had a message on this. Here is a follow up on that, with a tool for scripture memory. Recently I have switched back to traditional flash cards because the other features on my phone were too much of a distraction. However, I still use the app when I am away from home as I don’t carry my cards with me everywhere.

The fighter verses app for iOS from Desiring God is a great tool for scripture memory. You can also get it for Android on Google play. This was created to help Bethlehem Baptist church work on scripture memory as a congregation. They have a set calendar of what they are memorizing together. I don’t use this feature but many of the others.

The app allows you to “add a verse” of your own to the list. You can also categorize the verses by topic (e.g. anxiety, temptation, etc). The greatest benefits include:

  • The app goes with you on your iPhone or android so it is a great alternative to mindless activities online when you have a few extra moments.

  • You can share the verse to social media or make a cool screen background to remind you of an important passage from within the app.

  • You can listen to a single verse or larger passage you are trying to memorize by playing the audio of the verse. This will simply loop and play it again and again until you stop. I have used this feature to listen to a larger psalm that I am trying to memorize several times in one sitting, or perhaps while driving.

  • The “quizzes” feature includes helpful ways to engage your mind while you are working on the verses. These are really helpful. You can work on filling in the verse with words blanked out at various levels until all the words are blank. You can record yourself reciting the verse and then listen to the recording with the words in front of you to check your progress. etc. This is great to use with kids too.

  • The app is inexpensive, you can get it for a few bucks. Well worth the price.