An Important Characteristic of Biblical Preaching

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Here is an important article from Albert Mohler on the characteristics of Biblical and Historic Christian preaching. He speaks of the idea that the preacher is delivering a message with authority because it comes from God. Our generation doesn't sit well with authority. This is in part because of our history as a group of rebels to the crown, as well as the abuse of authority. But the abuse of authority by humanity doesn't mean we abandon the authority of God's word.

Please pray that our church would experience and hold on to this.

He quotes Lloyd-Jones:

"Any study of church history, and particularly any study of the great periods of revival or reawakening, demonstrates above everything else just this one fact: that the Christian Church during all such periods has spoken with authority. The great characteristic of all revivals has been the authority of the preacher. There seemed to be something new, extra, and irresistible in what he declared on behalf of God."