My Prayer For Our Next Worship Leader, and The Rest Of The Team

As you may know, Josh Brahm- the man who has been leading worship for us at Free Grace Church for about 6 years- is moving across the country next month. We have been praying and seeking  for more helpers on our worship team as well as our next worship leader for the last 8 months. As of today, we are still looking! Please pray with us and if you know someone who is looking for a chance to serve in church that is aiming for God-centered worship, contact us!

The Prayer

"God of grace and glory, help us to keep our eyes on you. Please work in us so that our desire for worship music is driven by a sense of your excellence and glory. Continue to open our eyes to your creation and your word so that we will be driven to worship with all our hearts, regardless of whether we have excellent musicians or not. Fill us with the Holy Spirit so we will sing to you and to one another with joy and reverence. Keep us from getting caught up in all the frivolous elements of the worship wars that are driven by personal preference.

God please send us more musicians. Please lead us to people that are available in their schedules, teachable and humble in their character, and skilled in their gifts. Especially send us another worship leader with a pastor’s heart and good theology. Send us someone who can help us learn how to sing to your glory. Help us to train and equip the ones who will equip us through song.

Lord, please blessour current music volunteers so that they will serve with joy. Thank you for all the wonderful things you have already done in us through them.  Give them the growing reward of fellowship and greater delight in you. Help our people to grow in grace and skill. Please make it so that each member of the body is functioning for your glory. 

God lead us in the future when it comes to questions of style and context. Help us wisely navigate the tension between being rooted in history and relevant in culture. Help us to balance truth without neglecting emotions. Help us to embrace both sobriety and joy as we respond to you.

We pray only through Christ, Amen"