My Prayer This Week For Leaders In Our Church

I find it helpful to write out my priorities and requests in prayer (as below) and then use this as a guide in the coming weeks. Here is what is on my heart for leadership development at our church. will you join me in praying this?

Leadership Prayer

Lord Help me to be a godly leader, to grow, and to have both humility and confidence in you. By your grace, make me an example, and give me a clear vision for the future. Help me to set the right goals for your church in this context and generation. Help me not to elevate my own purposes above your word and glory.

Lord please bless all our current leaders and volunteers with ongoing change by your spirit, clarity and strength to serve you, and concern for the next generation and the lost.

God please guide me to other leaders that can help me grow, teach, and inspire me. I need examples ancient and modern and I ask you to bring them into my life.

God, I need wisdom and discernment regarding others. Help me to trust people when I ought, to give wise and gracious feedback so they can grow. Give me grace and wisdom to instruct and correct when it is pleasing to you. Help me to see the difference between struggling christians and dangerous wolves.

Lord of the harvest, please raise up more leaders in the future. Please give the gifts, the character, and wisdom for our church to be full of godly leaders. 

Please guide our current leaders and congregation with discernment about future leaders. Give us clarity on seeing your gifts and calling in others.