How To Be A Missionary To Your City


While few of us are full-time, vocational "missionaries" as the Apostle Paul was, we are all emissaries of Jesus and "sent" (that is the source word where we get the term missionary) to live for him in a hostile world. Every believer is salt and light (Matt 5:16) and we are to bring the grace of Jesus to our neighborhood, workplace, and family.  

But how do you do that? There is much to say on this, but years ago I read a book on Church planting that mentioned these 5 things that I think encapsulated the big ideas of how the ordinary Christian functions as a missionary to their community. For a long time I had this printed on a sheet of paper above my desk.

In order to function as a missionary, you should enter your community as....

1.  An Intercessor, praying for the City.

2.  As a Learner, studying the city’s culture and history.

3.  As a Servant to bring blessing and meet practical needs

4.  As a Friend to make contacts and develop relationships.

5.  As a Storyteller to share the gospel.