Update- Flooding and This Sunday

Dear FGC family,

Earlier this week I sent out an email and if you saw that you know we had a flood at the church building this week. The professionals have been busy drying things out, but it will likely be a few more days until we know the extent of the water damage and what other repairs are needed.  One thing we do know is that we will NOT be able to use our building this Sunday. There is a possibility that the building will be out of use for a longer period of time, but we are waiting for more details to determine this. I will keep you all posted on any developments in the meantime.

This Sunday we will be holding a joint worship service with Sovereign Hope Church at 10 am. They meet at Woods Elementary School at Clovis Ave and Teague Ave in the city of Clovis. You can see a map here. Like us, they are a church plant in the middle of the hard work of building a church that is faithful to the word of God and the gospel of Christ.   

In the last 6 months, I have been blessed to forge a friendship with their pastor, Sam Musgrave.  We have been meeting together along with other pastors each month to pray for our churches.  It has been pleasure to connect with him over our common love of the gospel and the word of God.

I shared our situation with Pastor Musgrave and he and his congregation are happy to have us join them for worship.  We will likely need some volunteers to help coordinate the service, and we will give you more info on this in the coming days.  This Sunday is also their monthly potluck and they have invited us to join them. If you are able to, please bring a dish to share (entrée, side, dessert).  Think of this as the church version of sleeping on a friend’s couch!

We are still working out the details but I wanted to let you know what is going to happen this week.

Many of you have asked if we need any help at the building. Thank you so much for your texts and emails. Right now we are waiting for things to dry out, so there isn’t anything for us to do. In the coming weeks, there will surely be some work to do and we will communicate this to you.

Please share this info with anyone you know that attends our church so that everyone gets the word.

Contact Pastor Matt if you have any questions