Resources For Prayer

Sunday we looked at God’s word and my goal was that you would make it your resolution to pray more in 2015. We had lots of great questions and the sermon will be uploaded soon. We are planning to deal with this topic again this coming Sunday because it seems there is more to say, and you have lots of lingering concerns.

I had a handout to encourage you in some practical areas of prayer. You can download the handout here. 

I referenced a few resources and wanted to share them with you:

The Handbook for Prayer by Kenneth Boa is available on Amazon Kindle for around $10, if you want a hardcopy you can buy it at his website here for more money. I bought a used one for cheap on Ebay. But there aren't a lot of those floating around.

I mentioned the ACTS prayer method. If you want to explore this more, RC Sproul has this to say 

Pastor Matt


Photo by Dopiaza used by permission, some rights reserved